“It is truly heart-warming to know that this is a company of friends and family, linked by a common caring for each other.”

–Nancy Clampet, Senior Teller at the Post Falls branch who suffered a nearly fatal 4-wheeler crash while out in the woods with her family in 2013.

About Columbia Cares

Columbia Cares is a stand-alone non-profit organization, led by a Board of Directors comprised of Columbia Bank employees. The organization will review requests for grants for people who are in a crisis.

Columbia Cares was created by employees for employees and community members in their time of need. We have supported a multitude of families, each with their own unique situations ranging from battling illness and injuries to experiencing sudden losses or natural disasters.

Our Mission

Columbia Cares’ mission is “Caring for our community by easing the financial burden of a tragedy or crisis.” We are a community fund established by employees to give back and help one another in times of crisis to provide immediate financial support for coworkers and community members.


The relief fund was established in 2008 for emergencies and times of crisis. It is a public charity that allows us to help our employees and community members in times of need. Because of the value and support the relief fund has contributed to the community, Columbia Bank made the commitment to continue and expand this wonderful charity. With the Bank’s commitment to sponsor us, nearly every penny of your contributions will go to help those closest to us during emergencies.

We are excited to have the means to expand this effort to help our fellow employees and community members. What began as an incredible idea for a few hundred employees can now enjoy participation from thousands!

Board Members


Board Member

Danielle Garduno

Board Member

Luke Kneeshaw

Vice President

Juancarlos Martinez

Board Treasurer

Larry Thompson

Board President


Past President


Board Secretary


Board Member

Carmen Meyers

Board Member

Success Stories


Nancy Clampet

Meet Nancy Clampet, Senior Teller at the Post Falls branch. After suffering a nearly fatal 4-wheeler crash while out in the woods with her family in 2013, Nancy was hospitalized and in rehabilitation for weeks.

Request a Grant

Columbia Cares grant program is open to any employee of Columbia Bank or community member who is experiencing financial hardship due to a personal or family tragedy. Grants will be approved on a case-by-case basis by Columbia Cares’ Board of Directors.

To provide the greatest support, Columbia Cares grants are generally limited to $1,000 per participant per year and not more than two grants for the same or similar hardship.

To apply for an emergency grant, please complete the following steps:

Step 1

Review the Columbia Cares Grant Eligibility Criteria guidelines before applying.

Step 2

Download and complete the Emergency Assistance Application.

Step 3

Scan any supporting documentation* to aid the Board of Directors in their decision.

When applicable, disbursements may be made directly to landlord, hospital, utility, etc.

Step 4

Email completed application with any scanned supporting documentation to: Columbia Cares

*Supporting document examples: medical bills not covered by insurance, costs/receipts for funeral/travel expenses, rent/mortgage payments, bills for utilities or any basic living needs, etc.

Columbia Cares is not designed to provide assistance to pay expenses derived from non‑emergency circumstances.

All information on the grant request will be kept strictly confidential.

Donate to Columbia Cares

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help support a fellow employee or community member in need.